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Client and Employee's Testimonials

Dear Client and Employees,

Working with clients and employees like you makes my business a great joy. Thank you for agreeing to provide a testimonial. Your story will help inform our potential clients and employees why it’s good to work with us and how they can benefit.

To help you get started, please feel free to write whatever you like how we can value your business or to help you find better opportunity jobs in the near future.Thank you for your time and kind support.  Please let Five Star Workforce Solutions Inc. if there is anything further I can do to assist  you.


Mai Nhia Vue

CEO of Five Star Workforce Solutions Inc.


Testimonials From Clients and Employees

Five Star Workforce Solution is a great temp agency in the Twin Cities helping people in the community with little or some experiences who  are searching out for a job.This temp agency will help you look for a job with the skills that you have... Love working with this temp agency.        

~Gina Vang~

Staffing Solutions For Your Business... We Focus on Your Staff... You Focus on Your Business